Remaindered Links for 27 Apr 2007

Gmail Productivity System | In the vein of Getting Things Done, an interesting approach to keeping the email system working and clean.

Kryptonite (kinda) Found in Siberia | Something almost matching the chemical make up of fictional Kryptonite is found in a mine in Russia. Don’t tell Clark Kent.

Teen to Graduate College After 1 Year | A 19 year old now heads to law school. Wonder if they’ll card her at the bars still. Can you refer to my colleague at the bar if they can’t get into the bar? (I know, bad joke)

I Heart Papyrus | Wow. A font that really shouldn’t be used. Ever. Unless you’re doing a Discover show on Egypt. And even then, maybe not.

ParkWhiz | Search for parking in various cities, mainly New York. As we found out last night, parking anywhere in New York pretty much means a parking ticket or a $70 overnight fee. Regardless, you get shafted. Next time, we’ll try this.

Number Spiral | Very interesting look at numbers, product curves, and how patterns appear. Break out your copy of “Pi” and freak out with the creamer in your coffee!

Top Five Brain Health Foods | Get working on those anti-aging strategies with what you eat!

  1. Vijay says:

    Having read all of the above, it clearly adds up to one thing it was Border's own fault and no one else's. They were in cotonrl of their IT decisions. They were in cotonrl of their management. They were in cotonrl of their own destiny. They made poor choices, badly cotonrlled expansion, poor IT decisions and they paid the price. Mr Downer is full of pat excuses but he is clearly a major part of why they failed.

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