Remaindered Links for 04 May 2007

Lawyer Sues for $65 Million on Missing Pants | There should be a new level in hell for people who abuse the system this way. People like this need to pay for all the waste they put into the legal system.

Why Rent? To Get Richer | Interesting article that shows that houses don’t appreciate any faster than the level of inflation when you balance it out with the ups and downs of the market.

Using Space Above Interstates to Harness Wind Power | A new take on how to generate wind power from all the traffic that creates wind. Wish I had the funds and time to play with more things along these lines.

Tesla Motors: a 100% Electric Roadster | That goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and gets 135 miles to the proverbial gallon (and 200 miles per charge). Oh yeah. Daddy wants one.

DC Is Burning | And Nero is nowhere to be found. Eastern Market and the Georgetown Library go up within 12 hours of each other. Are mostly saved, but what is going on here?

A Map of Online Communities | Too many little jokes in here to actually list them al, but it’s pretty inventive. SPARRRTAAA!

Google’s NDA is Crazy | But, you don’t have to sign it. Sometimes I think that in the sue happy society we live in, there’s simply too much political correctness and legalese for anyone to every do it right.

  1. Aalbin says:

    Yes Jan, I have heard people say that there is no such thing as a free meal where their atdtiute is to never do something witout a motive or expectation in mind. To the contary I have often give or received free meals' but have given or received them without having any expectation in mind. Its amazing how you feel where you don't expect anything in return you just feel downright great. So, upon reflection maybe you're right I did get something back!

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