Migration... complete

So I decided to upgrade my FreeBSD development server where this site used to reside from FreeBSD 5.4 to 6.2. All that went great, but in the process, the Mephisto install got hosed and would not work. After fighting for a few days, I moved it to TextDrive.

And we’re back. Rejoice.

Now to reinstall the 301 redirects.

  1. Margreet says:

    Ohh, Haruhi! Great stuff. You know I know though. (Having seen the bgrcakound of my blog) I don't know anything about the origin of that art unfortunately. But I am glad that the author is out of his little rut.Also KDE 3.whatever takes me back too - although I have mixed feelings about my time using Xandros.It was better than virus riddled, often confused Windows ME - but it was far from the ideal linux distribution to start out on. It did make me learn some command line really quick - and how to make edits to config files such as Xorg.conf. Actually it was my whole introduction to linux and it was good enough to keep me into it, for that I am grateful.

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