Remaindered Links for 11 May 2007

Railside Graffiti Sequence Creates an Animation | This took an incredibly long time to paint. Great found art.

Executed Man’s Last Request: Pizza for the Homeless | A man in Nashville asked the State for his last request, which they refused to honor it because they do not donate to charity. Instead the story got radio traction and people all over the country called in and sent pizzas to homeless shelters.

Natalie Portman Lifecast | In the vein of financiers going into new markets (e.g. “Funny or Die”), there are rumors of a Natalie Portman Lifecast. And tech worker productivity plummeted.

The Journey of Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" | An interesting white paper on the explosion in the covering and public recognition for a song and how it’s changed meaning along the way. (via Brian Higgins)

Five Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid | Things you should think about when corporate blogging.

Slide Show Pro Button Packs | New from Jon Hicks, creator of the Mozilla icons, comes a transparent set of icons for Flash development that colorize based on background.

  1. Julya says:

    5a9same here. plus I think the fact that britt is a productive mebmer of a society shows that the parenting went right somewhere, at least.I feel much more sorry for mama baugher now. I mean, she gave up a pretty impressive career to have a family, then has this terrible ordeal she went through, where she was brave enough to confront her attacker and be a voice for other women (at a time when very few people were willing to do so). then her daughter turns into this entitled, hyper-sexualized loon, she fights with her parents to have co-ed sleepovers when she's still in high school, they send her to a catholic college where she writes a sex column (and I'm wondering now if her mom agreed to edit it to try and keep some of the sex from going too far) and cries rape to shirk her responsibilities (also, wouldn't that sex column have been the perfect place to address date rape? she had the platform, strange that she chose not to use it for an issue so close to her heart), she graduates college and takes pictures of herself in her panties on an old man's lap, and she continues to use sex as her currency for a woman who was a president's speechwriter at a time when women were not given important roles like that it has to be so painful and such an embarrassment to have a daughter who sets women's rights back about 50 years.

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