Remaindered Links for 18 May 2007

Lots of links this week. Cleaning out my open tabs in Safari.

US Conservatives Block Cancer Vaccine for Girls | In typical “head in the sand” fashion, conservative groups are saying that protecting girls against HPV will encourage promiscuity. HELLO Wake up. The news is encouraging promiscuity. Your daughters are going to have sex before they are married. The least you can do is protect them. Thankfully, The Commonwealth of Virginia has made this vaccine mandatory. Way to go home state!

The No Asshole Rule | Guy Kawasaki (former Apple evangelist and entrepreneurial guru) comments on the book, The No Asshole Rule, which tackles the issues of bad apples in a work flow chart. This talks about the “Rules of Engagement” document that employees at Success Factors are required to sign. Pretty good way to level set with your team members. Found this book via’s article on the asshole collar

Stripe Generator 2.0 beta | Almost funny except that I expect to see even more of these things all over the web. Gradients were not enough.

Research is a Method, Not a Methodology | Jobs should always include research. Awesome application of the process I learned in Architecture to web design. How can you design that which you know nothing or very little about?

Peep Code Publishing Manifesto | Geoff (topfunky) has a new publishing company that attempts to avoid the big pitfalls of places like O’Reilly and other traditional publishers. Go go gadget PDF!

VINTAGE REPOST: Meetings Considered Harmful | After an hour long conference call on Wednesday where people just blabbed for no good reason, I pulled this up and sent it to my new Art Director. Meetings are the suck. I can only imagine the dollar value of some of these meetings.

Bosquet gets Mountain Lion Visit at Tahoe | Rawr! and an excerpt from IRC

RailsConf Wifi Bandwidth Abuse | Even though I missed the conference this year, I know I’ll be taking my EV-DO card from Verizon next time I head to any conference. It’s amazing that people think free wi-fi means BitTorrent, Multi-player games, and all sorts of stuff.

Receptionist’s Worst Nightmare | To the woman who is blowing my boss. This applies to almost anyone a receptionist deals with on a daily basis, but especially those who think they have special privileges.

Twitter Identity Transference Syndrome | What happens when your app is so popular that your icon becomes the icon for the community or your name becomes a verb?

TwitterVision 3D | Watch people post world wide in Google Earth fashion.

Tiger Diving Underwater | That’s cool (from .sara)

Nielsen: Don’t Let Web 2.0 Get in the Way of Your Users | Some valid points here. Community and customization for the sake of a few and being hip and cool != good design. For the non programmers in the house, != means “does not equal”.

Stardust Trailer | This movie looks awesome. Absolutely amazing.

That’s enough for this week.

  1. S!ick says:

    Saw your TwitterVision 3D post...I checked it out: neat!

    (born, raised, and mugged in DC)

  2. Tina says:

    I had quite a few duplicates, most on pusrpoe, but not always. Gift cards are the smart way to go with booklovers like us. Most of the time though, my family (other than my husband) shies away from buying me anything book related. They probably figure I have too many as it is. Flexibility really is important when it comes to success, I agree.I hope you have a great week, Florinda. I'm looking forward to one more day off before I have to head back to work. Ooo! I just remembered that I need to get the sheets out of the drier.

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