I'm A Virginian Again

After two years of living downtown in a under-renovation Victorian row house in Eastern Shaw, I’ve moved back south of the Potomac to Virginia. With my recent schedule, it’s been impossible for me to participate in the business that was the investment property.

I’m living in the Virginia Square area of Arlington (halfway between Ballston and Clarendon) and am looking forward to having a vote that counts in Congress as well as a relatively interesting political adventure happening in Richmond.

Yay for walkable and exciting urban (former suburban) areas.

  1. jeffro says:

    welcome back!

  2. Osvaldo says:

    I think your viewers would enjoy the buatuifel photo you took in the Cotswolds of the gravestone with the lady grieving .and many of the other wonderful shots you took of the Heaven on Earth area of the world!

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