Remaindered Links for 25 May 2007

The Business of Software | Writings about the business side of software development from Eric Sink.

Cache-FU | Chris released a new caching module at RailsConf. Sexy Time.

Al Gore has 3 30-inch Mac Monitors | And holy crap a lot of paper. I thought my office was messy.

Helix: a 1D Skyscraper with a Single Corridor | Unintentionally based upon the Guggenheim by Frank Lloyd Wright, this is an article about an idea for a building without elevators or floors even.

Working at GOogle vs Meetup | A little comedy for the geek in us from Scott Heiferman, Meetup CEO.

New Home Prices Plunge | Yay for the roller coaster of what’s going on right now. New home costs down 10% from this time last year.

30 Great Standards Based Website Designs | Yes you can be standards complaint and sexy at the same time.

Alabama Boy Kills 1,051 lb. Monster Pig | That’s just crazy. How do they grow this large?

  1. Hridoy says:

    There's no reason why not, critaenly just very few seem to do it in my experience. (Also, Amazon doesn't currently offer the option but it is a good source of album cover images for homemade sleeves!)

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