Remaindered Links for 01 June 2007

UK Takes Aim at Modeling Industry | With a rash of anorexia cases on the rise, the UK is taking aim at the fashion industry and it’s use of unhealthily thin models. A former model talks about the industry in this article.

Five Simple Steps to Better Typography | Self-taught designers don’t have a good resource to learn about design basics. If you don’t know someone with a formal education, it’s difficult to find what to ever read to learn about typography. Good starter article here. (via email from BJ)

Great Adobe Illustrator Tutorials | Some cool, easy to follow tutorials for Adobe Illustrator. Get in there and vectorize!

IM IN YR LOOP | HAI! “Programming the LOL way. All LOLCats, LOL, ALL CAPSKTHXBYE

The Excess of Affluence | A great read on America’s disposable habit and all the junk we buy, only to throw it out a year later.

Depth of Focus: Radiohead | A two part series on Radiohead’s videos and the progression over ten years, from Pablo Honey through Hail to the Thief

Marketing for Geeks | Good overview for technical people of marketing concepts.

  1. Shane says:

    If nothing else the sheer nubemr of God botherers in the Coalition ranks should give voters pause when considering whether to hand them a thumping majority. Whilst O'Farrell seems like a reasonable, socially moderate Liberal I dont trust him to be able to keep the likes of David Clarke and the Uglies in line once they have government.Heres hoping for a Greens BOP in the upper house!

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