Remaindered Links for 15 Jun 2007

Children Have Lost the Right to Roam in Four Generations | A sad commentary on society and trust. It could be derivative of people moving around more often and not knowing many of your neighbors or it just could be the crazies out there. (via Waldo)

You’re Never Anonymous on the Internet | Waldo has a great post talking about his experiences dealing with people who believe they can hide behind the veil of anonymity in order to post things that they would not if their name were attached. Connect the dots.

Nerve Communication | Turns out that neurons might actually pass pressure waves reminiscent of sound as opposed to simple electronic impulses. This would turn the entire theory of how nerves work on its head.

Roomba For Your Lawn | In the laziness-is-the-root-of-all-evil category, you can now stop mowing your lawn and let a robot do it for you. What? And not have the experience of 95° heat and 100% humidity and mowing the lawn while being eaten by mosquitos? Insert tirade on youth obesity epidemic and lack of exercise in American youth here.

Why the Hipster Must Die | Hipsters must die in order for cool to be reborn in New York according to this writer. Yeah. Put down that trucker hat and faux counter-culture attitude and say it with me: “I’m a banker and I am not happy with my life.”

Painting with Light | Awesome approach to making a photograph in the dark with a flash light and a tripod.

Incremental Leading | A discussion of baseline grids and their use on the web and how to be careful to not create ugly leading in areas just to lock to the baseline on every line.

  1. Jeffro says:

    Brian Eno's got a new artistic project...

  2. Carolina says:

    this IS an extremely tcirky issue- hopefully the two can co- exist somewhere like Herne Hill where people do try and support local shops (I used to live nearby) and also where there aren't big chains nearby. This won't be the only town where this happens though with the availability of retail sites and the tax breaks available to charity shops. In smaller towns where a book shop might already be struggling to fend off the local Tesco and the internet it might cause real trouble. I love it when I come across an Oxfam books and I'm sure they do pick their areas- and I'm sure they wouldn't want to harm a local business but they have to make money don't they. Perhaps they could try and work together to some extent. After all if no one ever buys any first hand books they won't be able to give them on to charity to sell them second hand.NB Oxfam books and Daunt seem to co-exist beautifully on Marylebone High St- but I guess that is Marylebone High St- not your average place.

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