Honor By August Tours ESPN

!{border:1px solid black;}http://boboroshi.com/assets/2007/6/24/evan_john_sportscenter.jpg (Evan and I on the set of Sportscenter at ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, CT)!

Honor by August got tapped for using our song “Into the Light” on Baseball Tonight by an editor friend of our producer’s. The guys from ESPN came out to see our show at the Knitting Factory a few weeks back and invited us to come tour the facility when we were near Connecticut again. Chance would have it that we are up in Mystic, CT at Evan’s parents house to work on new material and relax for a long long weekend. Erik, Jenna and Lenny showed us around the studio and got us into some areas that most people don’t get to see.

Here’s photos from the tour.

Evan and Michael will be on DC101 Sunday night at 9:00 as we’re the featured artist this week.

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