Remaindered Links for 06 July 2007

Save North Shore | Forget Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves movies (or was that Point Break?) . There’s really no need for more crappy resort style development. Leave something of a natural area on Oahu please. Pretty please. Don’t make me drop the F bomb please.

iPhone vs. Microtech Knife | It don’t scratch! Insert “Combination Hooka and Coffee Maker! Will not break!” reference here.

Forget the Bottled Water | Buy a nalgene and fill it up. Rinse, repeat. (inspired and via Waldo’s post)

Web Development Guidelines for iPhone | Finally, we can all start coding for the iPhone. Because really, we need a lot of apps like “buzzword” and simple, yet addictive games to ensure that the iPhone does not help with productivity.

97 wasn’t quite as good as 67, but it was the beginning of the hell the industry is living today… | It all started with a little “Bye Bye Bye”…

iPhone Remote | Google does it again with a remote control utility for the iPhone to move your mac around. Oh yeah!

  1. Kekoa Max says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the link and the support. We agree on the Point Break comment. If you want to see real northshore surfs that care watch "The Pipeline Posse" or better yet come to Oahu and see them for yourself. :)

  2. Iulia says:

    iPhone_UserJuly 20, 2011 With almost all data plans data is worekd out be adding both the sent and received data.Most service providers do not advise that you have gone over this limit and the first you will find out about it is when you receive your bill.Some service providers offer iPhone Apps that will tell you your allowances and how much you have used, as well as any additional costs incurred.

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