1781 vs 2007: Things Aren't So Different

Having grown up in Yorktown, I knew the history of the American Revolutionary War, and especially the final major siege at Yorktown, quite extensively. I found this op-ed piece at the New York Times to be quite succinct in summing up the situation of today.

Of course, George III’s strategic assessment on the outcome of the defeat at Yorktown — like everything else that he had been responsible for during the War of Independence — was entirely wrong. It was by finally accepting defeat in what at that time was a relatively unimportant part of the world that Britain was able to focus on what really mattered — continuing to build its influence and empire across the globe.

A few small changes there, and we’re talking about the present day. The article continues this supposition and shows the parallels of the British leaving the American colonies as akin to America’s quagmire in Iraq and our extended involvement in the Middle East.

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