Remaindered Links for 27 Jul 2007

Another massive Safari tab build up happening lately. So much to share! So little time!

365 Main’s Credibility Outage | Transparency is the new best practice for companies. So why do people still blatantly lie to their end users? It’s like everyone is taking a memo from Tony Snow. (via Tom Bridge IM action)

Monkey Steals the Peach | One word: OUCH. In other news, Ninjas are wicked awesome. (via Mays)

OLPCs Used to Download Porn by Nigerian School Kids | Like they thought this wouldn’t happen. You tell a kid it’s forbidden? They are on it immediately.

101 Ways to Know Your Software Project is Doomed | What the worst thing about this article is for me consists of the complete lack of even getting near some of these points. E.g. item #3. I’ve worked at places that don’t even know what continuous integration is in the first place.

WYSIWTF | Pretty much my daily existence (via Khan)

True Random Number Generator Online | Because rand 0..250808 is not good enough for some people. The service is a quantum random bit generator service. This could be great for some high-end security applications.

Hide-A-Pod | Finally, a good use for the Zune.

Best. Bluetooth. Headset Handset. Ever | Tired of those people with the bluetooth headset at all times? 1960s handset to the rescue. Almost as good as the brick hands-free decide from a few years back.

Because They Needed Something Else In Common | “‘Daddy! I’m going to the Apple Store with you! I love the Apple Store.’ Jon staggers backwards two steps, holds his hand over his heart and says, ‘If I were a normal man? This—’ and he points back and forth between himself and Leta signaling what they have between them, ‘—this would be me teaching my son how to throw a baseball.’”

RIAA Ordered To Cover Suit Target’s Legal Fees | The RIAA finally getting a slap for their frivilous and overreaching abuse of the American Legal system. How does that medicine taste?

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