Remaindered Links for 17 Aug 2007

NDA = Not Doing Anything | A nice op-ed on the concept that your idea is not a precious flower. It’s one of millions. The proper execution of said idea is what counts. Legal barriers do not win. Users win.

Murdoch Goes Green | Who would believe that the right-leaning element of the Fourth Estate would be one of the leaders in going green and reducing carbon emissions? I wouldn’t have until I read this article.

Rails Presenters Design Pattern | A design pattern to help you when your views start to have too much logic inside them.

Attracting The Twentysomething Worker | I identify with a lot of this article (well, except the helicopter parents aspect) and realize that this is why various employers are losing people left and right. In the same vein, Lisa shared this article about re-recruiting your top performers. Good stuff.

Don’t Design on Spec | Zeldman reminds of the perils of doing spec work, even in a dire market.

Dust Comes Alive in Space | New research shows that dust particles in conditions simliar to space form into helical structures found in DNA. They don’t create DNA mind you, but form into the similar structure. This opens up a whole new level of “what is life” questions. The more we learn, the less we know. (via Timoni’s twitter)

Richmond Police use Database-Fu to Fight Crime | That’s there some smart folks down in Richmond. Basically, data mining on crack helps police find patterns in behavior and preemptively deploy officers to those locations. Deterrent for the win!

China Plays Hardball with Threat of Dollar Liquidaiton | the Chinese Government is starting to walk the line of economic warfare stating that they’ll liquidate their 1.33 trillion dollar store of USD if Washington imposes trade sanctions. Hope the Saudis are in a buying mood. Time to move your savings to Pounds Sterling.

  1. Mohamed says:

    I've always asumsed that Oxfam Books get to choose from a massive centralised pile of cast-offs, so there is some selection there. Would be interested to see how the process works.Sadly, HHB is too small to even contain a teasmade let alone a cafe. it's about the size of a toilet!But both shops are very good and I think HH is big and book-loving enough to sustain them both.

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