Vote for Us at SXSW

The incomparable Amy Hoy and I are pitching a panel for SXSW this year about being a dabbler. We’re both pretty much ADD dabblers, but this is actually a prepared presentation, not a five person Q&A session gone wrong.

We’ll be chatting about things like

  • constant learning,
  • why it’s good to have a guitar next to your desk,
  • pushing your team members into renaissance-man land,
  • and some good “Now Everyone Hug” motivation.

Amy will be recording and I will then spend four weeks “EQing and Mastering” it in ProTools, by which time she will have just put it out anyway, forcing me to resort to releasing the Criterion Collection edition. Of course, no one will notice any significant difference. :D

So, yeah, vote early. Vote Often.

  1. Caner says:

    March 10th That's the major downside to Foursquare for me. It is rbaeonasly quick to check-in by pinning the 4sq app to my WP7 home square but it's still a hassle to get out my phone, load the app, refresh the location, then check in.It would be cool if when using Bing Maps for directions (would work for google too) a little 4sq pin popped up offering a check-in.

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