Remaindered Links for 07 Sep 2007

Acorn | An image editor for those who a.) don’t have $1000 to buy Photoshop, b.) don’t need Photoshop and c.) like lean mean software. Only $40.

Shorpy: Potomac Rowers 1921 | An interesting vintage photograph from Georgetown with the Key Bridge under construction in the background.

NBC Cancels iTunes Deal | They [i.e. the media conglomerates] still don’t get it. These people give content away for free to millions of TV viewers who are already recording the program on Tivo, time-shifting it, and skipping commercials. No one cared that it was $1.99 a TV episode until Apple started selling tons of them. Then the greed kicked in. NBC/Universal: Stop fucking over the consumer. (NY Times, Registration Req’d)

Music Videos going lo-fi | Suprise! Because the conglomerates can’t correct their rectal cranial inversion, they’re just slashing budgets and scurrying to keep the stock price up. So music video directors are becoming creative with a complete lack of budget.

Free Spirit Spheres | Tree houses never looked so cool.

Running Rasterbator on Mac OS X | Rasterbator is a program that takes a raster image and splits it up so one can print it out on small pieces of paper and make a poster the size of a wall. Here’s how to set it up on OS X and X11.

MTV Aims to Return to Its Days of Glory | Here’s a hint. Justin Timberlake yelled it as he refused to acknowledge the reality stars presenting his award. “Play More Videos!”

Open Letter to iPhone Owners | If you paid full price, get your discount here.

  1. Riya says:

    You obviously don't have a big enoguh purse! But I know what you mean, yes, I'm sure that ebooks and tree-books each have advantages. A friend of mine talked about the need to back up her ebook purchases, which isn't something you usually have to think about with regular books.

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