Amy on NPR Morning Edition

I got a phone call this morning at 7:55am from my Dad. In typical fashion, I immediately think “it’s way too early for him to be calling unless something is wrong.” I was also still sleeping (yes, I know… SLACKER!)

He had actually just heard my Hyphenated Person in crime, Amy Hoy, on NPR’s Morning Edition talking about co-working in New York City(See the NPR story and listen to the audio. The “four people” that are referenced are actually the team I work with at WineLibrary.

You can listen on NPR or the mp3 version (courtesy of Amit Gupta )

  1. chris says:

    Does this mean you'll be moving to New York? lol.

  2. Raj says:

    My husband gave this to me for Mother's Day this year. It's a wufnerdol collection of two discs full of stories and anecdotes, and they are all different enough from each other that listening does not get old. There were some segments I actually listened to twice. My favorite was probably Mother's Day vs. Fishing Seaon Opener. Maybe that's because I live in Minnesota, but I'm sure it has universal appeal. The segment Mementos Honor Sons Lost to War brought tears to my eyes, as did the story about the grandma with Alzheimer's. There may have been a few segments that were not true driveway moments for me, but every single one of them was worth a listen. And a few of them have left pretty deep imprints in my mind. I recommend this collection!

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