Remaindered Links for 14 Sep 2007

Google Backs Private Moon Landing | Teaming up with the X-Prize Foundation, Google will be putting a $30 million purse together for the first group to achieve a private moon landing. Here’s to private industry picking up where the government just doesn’t go anymore.

Women Celebrate Tinkle Freedom | This is slightly disturbing. Especially the video.

Your Loss of Privacy is a Package Deal | The LA Times discusses how the all-in-one packages of voice, data and television set the individual’s information to be bought and sold wholesale. You are a target market.

Wendy Lynch Photography | Some very interesting images, mainly of artist, from a photographer named Wendy Lynch. I had seen her photo of Emily Haines before, but this tear sheet has some other great stuff on it as well, specifically the Viva Voce and Decembrists shots.

"I’m in my Zen Garden. Go away." | Happy webbies are various interpretations of designers and their potential sayings. Get some love from Dan Cederholm telling you that "Your CSS may be bulletproof, but your style still sucks." (via dot sara)

Styling File INputs with CSS and the DOM | Forms have always been difficult to play nice, and making them pretty generally involved some browser specific hacking. But the file input was always system grade until now. Shaun Inman shows us how to pretty up those form file input buttons.

Bounce by NIssan Pathfinder | I’m pretty sure this never ran in the states. It looks like something you’d see in the U.K. where humor is still alive and well. I’m sorry. Humour. regardless. Equating Independent Front Suspension to some mammary gyrations definitely ranks up there in advertising oddity.

Castles of Sand | Over development of the East Coast barrier islands is causing problems. Why? Because these islands move. They always have. But now, it’s turning problematic as larger and larger structures get built on basically quicksand.

  1. jeffro says:

    i really do like that Emily Haines piano reflection shot - never scene it before...

  2. Sruthi says:

    Lesley:I'm glad I'm not the only Canadian out there who hasn't! Although, from what I can tell, it was more popular on this side of the boderr than ours. It reminded me of a romanticized (and more optimistic) version of Susanne Moodie's books.

  3. Norbert says:

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