Boboroshi and Kynz Remixes

So I’ve spent the last 6 months or so on a gear buying spree to get my home studio up to snuff and now, I’m going back and cleaning up old tunes from the Boboroshi & Kynz catalog. The first three songs are done, and I’m putting them up here for consumption/sharing/etc. Feel free to pass them on to friends, or what not.

Highline | “Highline” is an epic trance kind of song reminiscent of the Florida scene. Kynz and I decided it would be great to write one because, well, we never had. Big builds, reverbed piano, crazy arp synths, and the classic vocal sample all combined. (11.5 MB MP3)

The Mo(u)rning Song | This originated out of a Reason Tennis match on the YayHooray design boards back in 2001/2002-ish. m0de and I put the basics down and then I finished it up with Kynz. Very loungy/chill. (9.4 MB MP3)

Dire Necessity | This was a jam that we did at Kynz’s old house. Heavy guitar influence plus some funky break action and me singing through a pedalboard. Oh yeah. (12.4 MB MP3)

There will be eight remixed/remastered tunes pretty soon. Stay tuned!

  1. Nowak says:

    Great tunes John. I recently downloaded the latest offering from Honor By August on iTunes too...good stuff.

  2. Anderson says:

    everything edible looks dletghiful!justcook daughter is too cute love those glasses. i agree with you on sonic, i almost alway get a cherry limeade (i want one now!), sometimes cheese-tots too

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