Remaindered Links for 28 Sep 2007

EM Calculator | A nice little javascript tool to figure out EM values for pixels.

Now Form A Band |’s attempt to get better quality music out there. We’ll see how it goes.

Can Rick Rubin Save the Industry? | Rick Rubin is now running Columbia/Sony music. Will he save it or sink it?

Die Yuppie Kickballer! | A group uniting against the horrid overwhelming yuppie kickball “thing” that is happening in DC.

DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei | Two amazing kids ripping it up on the turntables. Someone taught them well and young.

Salmon Sperm Increases LED Brightness | Something that is “thrown away by the ton” has a new use in increasing the brightness of LEDs. The scientists hope that this can lead to bioluminescent or BioLEDs.

Google Analytics AIR Beta | Adobe’s been touring around this summer doing the AIR Bus Tour showing off their system that allows Flex applications to be deployed to your local system. It’s pretty easy to install and set up. Give it a whirl!

Justin Timberlake Snubs The Hills | JT ripped on the Hills and didn’t even recognize the presenters when he was awarded a VMA this year. On top of that, he called out MTV telling them to “Play more dayum videos.” Awesome. At least someone is saying it.

  1. Amna says:

    Lesley:I've never made that connection but I can see your point, auglohth I think Anne had a much easier time than Laura, at least with the physical environment.I'm really hoping this year is my year to actually complete your challenge, John! I refuse to hang my expat head in shame any longer!

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