Remaindered Links for 02 October 2007

I’ve gotten to the point where my tabs are piling up faster than I can clear them on a Friday, so I’m going to post a bit more often with these link roundups. I hope you enjoy.

Holding a Program in One’s Head | Paul Graham has an interesting article on how an individual must keep a program in ones head in order to effectively work on the code base. I have seen this numerous times when working on various projects. The larger the beast is when I arrive on the scene, the more time it takes to simply wrap my head around it and get to work. It also is why I will disappear off the grid in order to get serious coding done. No distractions.

Rouxbe: The Recipe to Better Cooking | This site has step-by-step video instructions for cooking. For visual thinkers, it’s pretty good. Cooking is creative, but sometimes, recipes are written so poorly that I’d have as much luck mixing concrete from scratch. (via Erik Kastner)

Just Don’t Ignore Steve Jobs | Robert X. Cringely’s column on Steve Jobs and how his overwhelming personality is what is turning the computer world around.

Here is something very important to remember about Steve Jobs (and probably the only part of this column that will bother him in the least): most of his business moves are still in reaction to having been fired by Apple back in 1985.

Interesting read, as well as this NYT article about Jobs’ war with the iPhone hacking community

Near Ground Zero, a Mixed-Use Revival | Lower Manhattan, and most urban centers, don’t exactly scream “variety”. They tend towards monocultures. Business, Arts, Finance. This has mainly been due to zoning, but as people are discovering that harsh zoning regulations create dead zones, mixed-use is making its way back. It’s difficult to see this happn on a large scale, but the massive clean slate of the WTC area has provided an interesting perspective on the phenomenon.

Save the Lemur | Lemur Lounge is for Lovers. How can you deny these cute distant biological cousins? (via Sean Reilly)

Boston Libraries Goes Google-less Digital | the Boston Library Consortium has chosen the Open Content Alliance (OCA) to digitize its massive collections. The OCA is a non-commercial endeavour between Yahoo and the Internet Archive and has already digitized over 100,000 volumes. This will be interesting to see who wins out. Let’s hope that it’s the end user.

  1. rasool says:

    I finally ddieced that I would take the time to read all your posts that I missed (and no, it wasn't because I was cleaning I'm so over that obsession). I have very recently both lost interest and become angry with some people. Since I've had some time to think about all of this, I have come to the conclusion that I should have known this was making me weary. One of the things I like about being retired is that I have more time to be quiet and listen to my body. Thanks for confirming what we all really know deep down inside!

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