Remaindered Links for 04 Oct 2007

On a plane tomorrow, so hitting these a day early.

The Dissenter | Justice John Paul Stevens, a long time “conservative” judge, has become the defining voice for the liberal dissenters of the court since Bush’s stacking of ultra-conservative judges. A great read from the NYT magazine on his history and the polarized state of the current US Supreme Court.

Charlatans To Give Away New Album as Free Download | In more “what’s up with the music industry” news, the Charlatans (or the Charlatans UK for us American fans) are pushing out their record as a free download. The belief is that ticket sales will increase two or three-fold for the live show and between that and licensing, it’ll make up for it.

Microformats: Towards a Semantic Web | Microformats are a great idea, but their implementation to date has not been very widespread. That is starting to change, and with mainstream companies taking note and begining to invest in them, we should start to see a more semantic web. Semantics = better usability of information, and that should make us all happier browsers.

Mizzou Loves Mac | This image shows that “Mizzou” (Univ. of Missouri) is sure a Mac-lovin school. I assume this to be the Journalism school there, based of my discussion with an alum. Steve Jobs, eat your heart out.

The Ten Commandments of Investing | It’s good to be investing, but where to begin? This hits a lot of the basic premises one should start with and keeps you from going after the fad investments that are out of the realm of logic.

100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Imagery | A great resource for free stock photography (via Doug March)

Amanda Congdon and ABC Part Ways | Former Rocketboom and reknown video blogger, Amanda Congdon, will be leaving ABC after her contract is up. I hope that she’s got something new cooking, as I enjoyed the humor she brought to her reporting.

Consulting vs Contracting | How consultants need to position themselves differently than contractors in order to ensure a proper response from their target markets and clients.

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