1. Rappy says:

    Wow people here are very seiruos when they talk about the Dodge Viper. But I'm glad they do except for that one guy who said your questions was ridiculous. His statement was the only thing that was ridiculous. I don't know about these other guys.Anyways I know nothing about you so I have no idea what your driving experience or style is. If you have driven sports cars before that's a start because Dodge Vipers are hard cars to drive. When corning they give you a false sense of security that you wont spin out. In most cars you can feel the car wanting to slide a bit and lose traction but then you can regain control right away as needed by the driver. The moment you feel a Viper slide it's already to late. It's all or nothing and there isn't much you can do once you get into a spin. And that's pretty much it besides the fact that it has no traction control, no ABS, a whole bunch of HP in a very light car. Basically it's the perfect car if you ask me. Being that you're in college I would find a car with a rear seat that's a convertible so I can get more friends in the car when I go cruising. If your like me though who is a loner I don't care if my friends are in my car so a two-seater isn't a problem and plus the way I drive I don't want people in the car anyways. Also I don't believe that a car is just for boys or for girls. Don't look at a car and ask yourself if this is a car a girl would drive. You need to look at a car and then ask yourself if you like the car. If you like it that's all that matters.

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