Remaindered Links for 11 Oct 2007

A day early as I’ve got more tabs thank I know what to do with. This might become a daily thing at the rate I’m running.

Purpose of Appendix Potentially Found | Recent research shows that the appendix is actually the tool to reboot your digestive system in cases where serious diseases would wipe out the co-habitating bacteria in your digestive tract.

Jennifer Daniel portfolio | One of the best design portfolios I’ve seen in recent memory. A lot of very strong design looks (via kottke)

Book Autopsies | This guy creates amazing photos by cutting out things from a book and letting the depth of the book become part of the art. Amazing.

Jay Parkinson, MD | This doctor only does house and office calls in New York City. He doesn’t like to work with insurance. Small, personable. Back to basics. Now that is cool.

Spanning Sync | Synchronize Google calendars with iCal. Not in the RSS fashion, but in the real sync manner.

I CAN HAZ BIBUL? | Yes. A LOLCAT translation of the Bible. Hilarious, but proof that this concept has completely jumped the shark. “Hai! Teh blessigs of teh ceiling cat b pwn u, lol!”

Oh no! an iPhone Killer!! (please) | Really. As Ryan Orr twittered today, "Stop using the phrase “iPhone/iPod Killer”. You didn’t build one. STFU.": (via Ryan’s Twitter stream)

  1. Bishal says:

    I could not agree more. I have not seen any evidence that the oitosppion would do any better. I feel that they could be worse. I am concerned that over the last thirty years, the Federal Government has slowly eroded the rights of the State unless there is a major examination of the power between the Federal and State governments, the States will become more ungovernable regardless of what party is in power. The way I see it, the Federal government has gained control of the purse strings while the States are responsible for delivering services. They are at the mercy of whatever Federal government is in power. This diminution of power has been going on since the States handed over their taxation power to the Commonwealth during WW2. If the States are to remain responsible for these services, they should be given the power back to be responsible for the raising of money. The Federal Government should not be involved in any way. I believe the Founding Fathers had it right. It is stupid for the Federal Government duplicate services the States are the responsibility of the States. No service can continue to have two masters. The result of this is waste and nothing worthwhile being done. It is the voter’s job to past judgement on the State Governments, not the Commonwealth Government. Mr. Whitlam did begin to Look at the Constitution, but very little has been done since, except for the Federal Government taking over by stealth.

  2. Sher says:

    1st of all ,I like this piece and think more like it should be wrttein by other leaders,and what I'm about to share is only my opion .One of the things that caught my eye when I saw your status on Facebook was that you researched for your denomination about this topic,I think that is the primary concern that causes confusion in the Body of Christ,denominations presents groups,that form their own views ,that causes controversies,that brings about confrontation ,that creates division,that eliminates any opportunity of unification that could bring any resemblance of a body that's working cohesively to build hope for people in dire straights.As long as the the enemy causes these issues in the church ,there can never be real productivity to command change and restore hope ,that gives sinners a chance for salvation,NOTHING PERSONAL ,JUST MY OPION

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