Remaindered Links for 25 Oct 2007

I have a tab problem. And I’m cleaning them out.

NASA Mum On Plane Data That Might Scare You | NASA is in a bit of hot water after keeping mum about a survey with pilots that show that we really aren’t as safe in the air as we think we are. Just another reason to get back on board the train people.

Soda Making Americans Drink Themselves Fat | Well, that’s the title from CNN. Soda isn’t making anyone actually drink themselves fat. It’s not holding you hostage. It’s not that there are no other options. It’s just so ubiquitous and cheap. Remember: if your great-grandmother didn’t recognize it as food, it’s probably not good to put into your body.

Lego Skyscraper | It is too bad we never got to build models like this in Architecture school.

Hype Machine Error Message | “we are too loaded to process your request” – that’s got to be one of the silliest error messages I’ve ever seen.

The Pledge to Not Suck at the Internet | …including such gems as “I will trick peopel into seeing Goatse”, “I will add only one application per month on facebook” and it “will not be a zombie maker, werewolf maker, ‘top friends’ maker, or anything that serves no purpose…” Now if people only agreed to it, we’d be in the money.

Recover Stolen Laptop, Get Free Beer for Life | Hell, if I had taken the laptop, I’d just return it. Best. Reward. Ever. Of course, I might be in jail, but hey, I’d have beer.

Cool Music by Ro | Some cool electronic noisemaking. Free mp3s!

  1. Aira says:

    We live in different pmardigas. I would not buy an e-book because I collect books. I plan to pass them down to my children and so on. I have books over 200 years old. My first apple IIe can not read any of the original disks because they are too old and lost the data. Kindle is but one year old and already has a new model and it has problems of cracking plastic.I read non fiction and find new books mainly from reference of authors in the books I have already read. Also from research on subjects. Sometimes from book reviews in publications like Atlantic Monthly.It is a rare event that I would just buy a book from a book store without doing prior research on the author.

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