Boboroshi & Kynz Album in the Pipeline

After years of making music together, Kynz and I finally decided to put out a Boboroshi & Kynz ( myspace ) record before the end of the year. It will have ten tracks and actually clock in at almost exactly 80 minutes. The track listing as of today is as follows:

The Mo(u)rning Song
As Good As You
Dire Necessity
The Vigilance

Some of these songs have been released on this blog before and some of them are up on our myspace page. It’s going to be digital distribution only at first until we can figure out the whole vinyl/whatever thing.

  1. .sara says:


  2. [mark] says:

    i demand a white label copy so thatwhen you become rich and famous, i can sell it on ebay and at least become rich.

  3. John Athayde says:

    We're looking at getting it mastered for Vinyl as well and doing a white label run. If we do so, you will be the first to get a copy. Okay, third. I get one, then Kynz, then you. (then .sara lest i get beat down)

  4. Larissa says:

    - Len, you totally rkceod this wedding. I love how the bridal party looks like they are floating in water in the group shots. The angle and perspective totally rules. Don't get me started on the intimate B&W images of the B&G!!! Love, love, love!!! Especially the large B&W vertical June 21, 2011 2:18 pm

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