Mystic Sessions

!{border:1px solid black;} (Michael in the poolhouse in Mystic)!

We just got back from a five day run in Mystic, CT working on new material and doing pre-production for our upcoming recording sessions in mid-December. There’s something about the space that just lets us create in a very good way. We rolled in the first night to just setup the recording gear and hang out. Halfway through setup Evan starts playing a simple piano riff and Michael jumps on it. Come 4am, we had a song from scratch: “Johnny (Pass Me Another One)”. We got the five songs from earlier this year demoed and wrote another four new ones. And had some great jams and a lot of fun (including a jaunt into NYC for Alison Becker’s Christmas party at Pete Wentz’s bar in Alphabet City).

You can see pictures of the adventure on flickr.

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