Remaindered Links for 11 Jan 2008

Self-Watering Planters | These ingenious devices will be employed in my balcony garden come spring. I regularly head out for 4 day jaunts and with the random rainfall patterns we’ve had this past summer, I need something that will keep the water flowing to the plants out there.

Food Prices Start to Pinch Consumers | Milk, eggs, meat and produce are all becoming more expensive. This article suggests that discount grocers are the solution. I suggest that buying from a local CSA is a far better solution (see for one near you). I’m about to go pick up a 1/2 cow that I’m splitting with two other people from our farmer, Leigh Hauter. So I get a sixth (which i’m further splitting with my friend in my building). Unlike what you buy in the store, it’s cheaper per pound, better raised, transported less, and I’m one degree away from the actual rancher and butcher via my farmer.

Shortwave Infared | Night Vision is cool. And this is cooler.

Goldman Sachs Sees Recession in 2008 | “Recession” has been the word on the street these days, rapidly replacing “sub-prime” as the worried consumer’s discussion topic of choice. But what does that mean to the average joe? You need to look at your portfolio and rebalance it. Don’t have a portfolio? Then you might want to save as much as you can in case unemployment rises sharply or prices for standard food items and fuel continue to rise while your income stays stagnant. But wait, we cut taxes for the rich! It’ll trickle down!! (cough)

How the next president can end our oil addiction | We know an oil man won’t do it, but maybe someone new will actually move this country forward a bit. David Sandalow looks at this in his new book called Freedom From Oil.

How the iPhone blue up the Wireless Industry | I recall discussions around my former employer that no one knew what the future was going to be, with some saying Apple had it all wrong. Well, it looks like everyone is chasing Apple now.

  1. Chris says:

    That cough was awfully juicy, and I couldn't agree more. Some corporations do, some don't. Some say they do, and feel it's futile, so they don't. Others just make baseless claims. It's a big mess, but one thing I believe to be true, is <a href="">if we don't study the past, then we are doomed to repeat it</a>.

  2. Daniel Chan says:

    Hey John! How's the band coming along? I just started a blog and I remembered your Boboroshi site. haha. I'm adding you to my blogroll. Now I have to figure out how to subscribe to your blog. doh!. Hope all is well. I know you're Uber busy all the time but if you find the time drop me a line. Peace out brotha.

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