Remaindered Links for 25 Jan 2008

The “oh we’re up a creek now” edition…

Home Prices Fall in 2007 | “The media price of a home declined 1.8 percent to $217,800” in 2007. This is supposedly the first declined in as much as 80 years.

A Society That Builds, Has | Jackson Landers (Waldo’s twin brother) has a great post that presents the concept that the 50 billion dollar “stimulus” package shouldn’t be used in a tax handout, but in a modern-day New Deal program. Put people to work utilizing projects that are already designed and on the books. Fix infrastructure on highways, parks, etc. Anything but giving people money and telling them to buy more useless crap from China.

Startup Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon from almost Anything Organic | This is awesome because, well, Corn sucks. If you haven’t read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, please do so immediately. Corn decimates the environment and uses so much fossil fuel energy to plant, grow, spray, and harvest that it’s not really a winning situation. By these guys using anything from corn husks (formerly trash) to municipal trash into ethanol.

More concern about the Honeybees | Concern that the honeybee population will be gone in 10 years in the UK is raising the alarm. The government still isn’t hearing it. Which is too bad because they’re going to be out of food without the bees to pollenate it.

Soros predicts worst recession in 50 years | George Soros, financial genius, has predicted that “The situation is much more serious than any other financial crisis since the end of World War II.” Great. I knew I should have moved to London years ago!

  1. Azuan says:

    The dreadful truth is that the potitneal oppositions are so bad that changing government is unlikely to achieve any sort of improvement in governance. Just an exchange of one set of nitwits for another.I suppose the positive side is that there are opportunities for independents and minor parties. Frankly, any minor party with some coherent and sensible policies is going to do well in this country over the next few electoral cycles.

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