Remaindered links for 08 Feb 2008

Stuff White People Like | This probably deserves its own post, but this site is absolutely hilarious. Lawyers, apologies, kitchen gadgets, and classic hip-hop songs white people like are all covered.

Greenspan warned about Bad mortgages in 2005 | Alan Greenspan expressed concern in 2005 that “he growing use of riskier new mortgages is helping push up home prices to ‘unsustainable levels’ in some local markets.” Too bad nobody listened.

Dozens of US Banks will fail by 2010 | Analysts are predicting that numerous U.S. banks will fail in the next two years due to bad loans and too much risk exposure. Is this our generation’s S&L crisis?

New Partnership strives to keep Virginia towns and hamlets as such | Various individuals in the Northern piedmont of Virginia have created an organization called the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership which is “dedicated to preserving the integrity of communities while honoring the tenets of private property and free enterprise”. This roughly translates to “Dear DC Metro commuters: Stay the f#&k away!” Thank God someone is trying to keep the swath of almighty development from decimating more of rural Virginia.

Home Invasion Victims Fight Back | Criminals got the slap down when they let their guard down.

  1. Tiff says:

    From the last link: "The police are very cautious not to make this seem like a heroic act. They say fighting back can sometimes end with the victims being more seriously hurt."

    Sometimes, I hate law enforcement. Murderers are in your house, but you know, don't fight back. Let the professionals do it for you. When they manage to get there. After you've already been shot in the face. Gahgahgahgah.

  2. John Athayde says:

    Yup. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

  3. Nanya says:

    Third stanza, ftourh line, took me a while. Scrapyart? Scrapy art? OK, then I realized that y and t are right next to one another on the keyboard. Scrapyard. Makes more sense that way.

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