Remaindered links for 15 Feb 2008

Pixish Blowup | A big fight blew up over Derek Powazek’s new project: Pixish. Turns out people were putting spec work requests up on the site. Derek actually removed the posts and changed the guidelines to specifically counter this. Just shows you that the man understands communities and really isn’t trying to screw anyone. We [heart] the DMP.

Coming Soon: Artificial Black Holes | A group of scientists is playing with an extremely cold substance called “Bose-Einstein condensate” that could slow the speed of light down to under 70 mph. If they can get this material in a vortex and get the light trapped in it, they could simulate what a real black hole in space would do and how the light would be bent, etc. So where’s my warp core already?

Bloomberg Rips Federal Gov’t on Rebate Program | NYC Mayor Bloomberg ripped the Federal Government on their rebate stimulus check program as similar to “giving a drink to an alcoholic”.

Drug Resistant Influenza in Chicago | Doctors are keeping an eye on a new strain of influenza that does not respond to the main flu-treatment drug: Tamiflu. Evolution at it’s finest.

Wheat at $20 a Bushel | For those of you who believe that “core-inflation” is real inflation, just take a look at the commodities prices. Gold, Oil, Wheat, Corn… all skyrocketing. The market is not keeping up with true inflation any more.

  1. Sakimin says:

    Karen H (Scobberlotcher) - Yay! Thanks for letting me know about the prlbeom in the first place, and I'm glad you're back now!I really like the concept of that comment system, but the idea wasn't to PREVENT comments, let alone crash people's browsers.Maybe your character should follow the guy on Twitter and DM him :-).

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