Remaindered Links for 22 Feb 2008

New AIGA DC Site | Much more usable design than their last iteration.

Meet the World Flags | Some of the most amazing info-graphics work I’ve seen recently courtesy of a Portuguese designer.

CNN Fires Producer for Blogging | Funny that they cite non-partisanship as part of their rationale, but then have someone like Glenn Beck on every night. More proof that the Fourth Estate has basically sold its soul for the almighty dollar.

Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish# | At least the legal community is forcing banks to prove that they actually own the title on these things. Too many banks are in a freak out mode now. Not encouraging anyone to not pay their mortgage, but interesting points here.

The Torture Playlist | My what fine tastes in music our soilders international prison guards have.

F&$k Style | A nice design commentary on how we, as designers, should stop following the trends and just do what we do. Focus on results, not the cool, current style

  1. Rey says:

    Fran, the problem you would have there is that if all ALP meebmrs lost their seats, it would certainly be the case that the Coalition picked up most of them. Once you get outside the inner-city, I’m not sure that the Greens have the support they would need to pick up enough seats to be an effective Opposition.That's certainly plausible, but even then the advantage would be that at least none of the uglies were representing the ALP, so it would be a serious blow to RWDB influence. Would one rather be out of office with a bunch of RWDBs weighing you down, or out of office without them?

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