Remaindered Links for 29 Feb 2008

Avenue A Razorfish 2008 Digital Outlook Report | Guy Kawasaki (former Apple Chief Evangelist, author and VC guy) writes a nice synopsis of Avenue A/Razorfish’s 2008 report to their clients about the digital space. A good read for those working in the area.

iBand | Not sure how well this would work in anything larger than a small club, but it’s a cool idea. Can you imagine four guys standing around a table with their iPhones on it in Giants Stadium? I mean, in real life.

Glenn Beck: Don’t follow the herd on the economy | I really don’t like Glenn Beck. He just seems like another right-wing commentator yelling out how the liberals are killing America. But this article has some good points and an interesting look at the levels of potential decline that may occur in the current economic crisis.

People still die in a gunless utopia | John Stossel writes a great op-ed piece on how gun-control laws actually don’t significantly effect gun crime.

Home Price Plunge Accelerates | That which goes up must come down, and that’s what’s happening in the massive bubble known as the housing market. This long stream of articles recently makes me glad that I got out when I did with no real loss. See also: January Foreclosures up 57% and Existing Home Sales Decline

UN Says "Eat Bugs" | For drought and plague areas, insects make a great protien supplement and are quite plentiful. Mmmm. Dinner.

  1. Juxhens says:

    Ben - It never ceases to amaze how much we bldliny rely on metrics and ignore whether the metrics are built on a solid foundation. It would surprise most people that many measurements - even those considered industry standards - are grossly unreliable. In fact, I'm currently writing a post about one such popular measurement - for measuring web traffic.And I suspect that social media amplifies this problem - people just retweet whatever seems interesting (some probably don't even bother to open the links to see whether the thing they're retweeting adds value). It's a serious problem - and I think it's getting worse as people become more apathetic about the underlying credibility of sources.

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