Remaindered Links for 07 Mar 2008

Monster cable vs. coat hangers | There’s an ongoing argument in audiophile groups that expensive cables really do make things sound better. This experiment proves that most people couldn’t tell the difference. So stop spending $40 for a 3’ RCA cable people.

Observations on Superdelegates fight | There seems to be a militant undercurrent picking up steam in regards to the Democratic National Convention this year. There are a number of young individuals who feel that if Hillary wins the nomination, by legal or illegal means (in reality or perception) that it will result in riots that make the late 60s look tame. It will be interesting to see how the super delegates shake out.

Companies Piling Up Cash | While most consumers have little or no savings, most companies have enough cash on hand to pay all their current liabilities. Corporate savings have soared while spending has been cut. So at least the companies are being smart going into this whole mess.

States and Cities Rebelling Against Bond Ratings | The complex system of insurances and credit ratings (what does AAA really mean?) has frustrated a large number of cities and states who say they can no longer deal with business as usual if they are to continue to operate effectively.

Home Appraisal Standards Stiffened | Not that you’ll be able to get a home equity line of credit anytime soon, but consider that the process of appraising homes will be moved into a group that is not independent of the loan granting authority starting in 2009.

  1. Ganz says:

    As someone who was bsiwrong Amazon's progressive rock album downloads in the a33-4 category for some new, cheap music to sample, I'd say you have a point. I downloaded one album for a33.45 and I intend to buy the physical CD formats for both this and its predecessor from the artist's web site soon as a result, spending a further a316. I added a further CD to my wishlist and I will keep an eye out for future releases by the band behind the third album I downloaded. I prefer to buy CDs so I have a tangible hard' copy of the music, but I take fewer risks if I'm spending the extra. However, I will take a chance on an MP3 if it is a reduced cost or the CD was otherwise unavailable in the UK. I certainly wouldn't expect to pay full CD price for a set of audio files lacking artwork and a physical form.

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