Remaindered Links for 14 Mar 2008

When Music takes flight over and over again | I’m starting to feel like this guy with the constant road tripping. Now only if we could fly to shows and have catering. (article sent by Lisa King)

The Next shoe to drop in housing | Traditional mortgages are starting to feel the pinch in the credit crisis. The fed is cutting rates, but the rates are going up across the board.

Yahoo Embraces the Semantic Web | Yahoo is making the big jump to get all of its data into semantic formats. This makes interpolating and dissecting the data on the web far easier when it is used properly. The only downside is that this takes time to mark up.

Live from DC’s Bloghouse | When everyone blogs, what happens? It’s like Real World without the contrived crap and overly done up sex-crazed people.

Yongfook | This is a very cool site that implements the “lifestream” concept. I’ve been thinking about this as a way to tie together all the different things I have online, but haven’t really had the time or energy to figure it out.

  1. Notty says:

    Opa, com certeza o curso foi bem legal! Espero que tenho te3o bom para os aonlus quantos foi pra gente que deu o curso.Que Rails conquiste cada vez mais mercado, que o desenvolvimento web seja cada vez mais produtivo e divertido, que as pessoas parem de usar IE 6 e que venham os prf3ximos cursos! =)

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