Remaindered Links for 21 Mar 2008

JPMorgan aquires Bear | Considering Bear Stearns is one of my clients, this was a bit of a “uh oh” moment. We’ll see what happens, but if Bear was vulnerable, who else is?

Gulf Banks urged to cut ties to US Dollar | If they drop the dollar, what happens to everyone who’s pegged against the dollar?

Marblized Ice formations in Antactica | Some very cool imagery of odd ice formations that look like marble.

Brad and Angelina Refused Entry to REM Concert | Stubbs refused to let the stars and their entourage into REM’s show at SXSW. I wish I had stood by the door to see that go down. It was a good show and my old client, Jonathan Rice, opened up.

SXSW Limits the Party | SXSW is trying to limit the parties offered at the festival, especially those not sanctioned by the festival itself. In conjunction with the Austin Fire Chief, they’ve been on the prowl to shut down house parties etc that are off the farm.

Boulder to be First Smart Grid City | Xcel Energy will be putting in over $100 million in upgrades to allow customers to see real-time data reflecting energy usage and potentially using hybrid cars as generators during power outages.

  1. chris says:

    The <a href="">frozen glaciation</a> is worth a look if you haven't seen it yet, as well.

  2. Bobby says:

    Could you please post some bauckp links for this monster? Sendspace should be called Slugspace. Half an hour to DL a 100M file? I've tried to DL this several times (at different public locations; don't have high speed at home) and still have to succeed. I recommend either MediaFire or ZShare. Thank you.

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