Remaindered Links for 28 Mar 2008

Fearing Crime, Japanese Wear the Hiding Place | Seriously. A walking Coke machine? This either speaks lowly of the Japanese populous that they believe such a trick will work or even lower of the Japanese criminal mind that they would fall for such a trick.

High Prices Spark Fresh Gold Rush in California | Gold has gone from $300 to $1000 an ounce in about 7 years, and this in turn has create a second California gold rush of sorts. Maybe I should pay a visit to my family in the El Dorado Hills with a pick-axe and pan and start digging for Gold.

A Pre-fab Off Grid House | There’s been a lot of interesting work in the last few years in the pre-fab industry. Some very nice structures indeed have been created. This is a design for an off the grid house to be deployed in remote and hostile locations with all sorts of off-the-grid goodies. (via .sara)

New Wheat Crisis Plagues World Food Supply | Ug99 has been causing all sorts of Wheat failures starting in Africa and moving slowly East into Iran and Asia. Wheat prices were already skyrocketing, and this will only add to the demand. Expect food prices to continue to rise.

PA Judge Sentences Three to Learn English | Three Spanish-speaking men who appeared in a Pennsylvania court were ordered to learn English, earn a GED and get full-time jobs or their parole would be revoked and they would be placed in prison. Now that is creative sentencing.

The $53 Trillion Asteroid | Again, I dislike this guy (Glenn Beck) on television, but he’s got another good article about the Social Security and Medicare promises that cannot ever be repaid due to pure basic economics.

New Government Surveillance Tools | A vehicle traveling at 70 miles per hour past a federal observer with a new tool can be scanned for nuclear material. What else do they have?

  1. Phil says:

    Here's what else they've got. Video surveillance on steriods...

    <a href="">Object Video</a>

  2. John says:

    Congrats on the article and on joniing the ranks of Open Source Developer . Just remember us little people when your perl script makes more money than Microsoft someday:)

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