The New Face of The Queen's Currency

! (The new coinage from the Royal Mint)!

The Royal Mint held a competition to replace the design of the British coins in circulation since the 1970s. The final designs are simply, beautiful. They are based upon the shield of the Royal Arms, as if each coin was a vignette onto a part of the shield, with the one pound pice having the entire Shield on it’s side. Hoefler and Frere-Jones have a nice comparison between this new coinage and the Department of the Treasury’s new Five dollar bill, complete with a purple “5” in Helvetica.

Maybe the US Federal Government should hold a design competition. (via Ministry of Type)

  1. Tim says:

    RE: the MIC is not the top dog when it comes to Middle East policy, the Israel lobby is WeissMY COMMENT: Yes, that's true. Nonetheless, there does apepar to be a mature symbiotic relationship * between Military Industrial Complex and the Israel lobby. Alexander Cockburn has written that it was Paul Nitze who first realized how powerful an alliance of the MIC and pro-Israel lobbies would be. Here is an excerpt from a 04/26/07 article of his at Counterpunch: Before we conclude that Wolfowitz was the original author of the policies that destroyed Iraq, we should note that his entire career, at least up through his Pentagon service, has been in the service and at the direction of others. His early work in Washington promoting the dubious merits of an anti-ballistic missile programme, for example, was sponsored by Paul Nitze, a powerful insider who devoted a lifetime of intrigue to boosting east-west tensions and US defence spending. Nitze served as godfather to the neoconservative movement in the 70s, correctly calculating that a fusion of the pro-Israel lobby with the military-industrial lobby would create an alliance of unstoppable power. Among the early and most potent recruits was an old friend of Wolfowitz's, Richard Perle, known and feared in Washington as the Prince of Darkness for his ruthless bureaucratic skills and commanding position in the neoconservative forces.The relationship flourished into Wolfowitz's sojourn in the Pentagon. Officials who worked closely with him remarked to me on the amount of time Perle, then a close associate of Conrad Black, spent closeted with the deputy secretary. They remained in constant touch, as Wolfowitz's phone logs attest. Other regular recipients of Wolfowitz calls included Lewis Scooter Libby, then chief of staff to Vice-President Cheney and now a convicted felon, and Robin Cleveland. Cleveland was in charge of national security programmes at the White House office of management and budget SOURCE * Feith-Libby Lies Exposed ( mature symbiotic relationship )

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