Remaindered Links for 11 Apr 2008

Food Riots to Worsen Without Global Action | The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation stated that “food riots in developing countries will spread unless world leaders take major steps to reduce prices for the poor.” Too bad all that grain is going to ethanol production.

Here Comes China | It was the British empire, then the American. It looks like China will be stepping up to the plate next. The power shift is beginning to make itself evident with the weakening Western economies and the surging growth in China’s economic house.

Email Sufficient to Modify Contract | Interesting business note that a series of emails can be considered signed writings used to modify an employment agreement. So, save those emails that are important, but just not in your inbox.

NYT and Wash Post Cover Preparedness | I was a little disturbed but also happy to see that the Washington Post and the New York Times both cover preparedness this week, albeit in different ways. The NYT appeared to go for the style angle of “isn’t that cute” while the Post had more of a proper view point of it all. Nothing wrong with being a Boy Scout, kids.

USA 2008: The Great Depression | The UK paper, The INdependent, puts forth some statistics about how we could be approaching a similar storm of economic hardship not seen since before World War II. They also point out use of food stamps and their increase.

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