1. Daniel Miller says:

    Lurve it. The direction, the song. I wanted way more of that blown out shot of Evan's guitar during the solo.

    And this made me miss DC for some reason I can't figure out! I guess just because I have yet to find a scene quite like it

  2. Monika says:

    :Im a sponsor and a buidler of another rig in the test.Vocas is expensive and professional kit, standard of engineering is high and (if you are happy with a large heavy rig) it is probably the best engineeredHaving been involved in actually engineering these things i find it suprising that all rigs dont cost that muchOther manufacturers HAVE to cut corners to get the price down which had made them in some cases not fit for purpose'My own rig has take a different approach to the engineering to avoid making complex joints on a budgetFor example the Vocas rig has serrated plate rotating handles just the plates cost $100 a pair to buy inMy design avoids them as cost of non rotating handlesSome of the other rigs try to offer the flexibiity of the Vocas while cutting the price of the engineeringSuch an approach just cannot work (unless maybe you run a korean sweat shop and im not saying anyone round here does)I can see that that rig should win for the test criteriaOne can of course question the test criteria but that is a different story.Of course if you want to do a test of Stars per Dollar there would be another winner..S

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