Code as Art: Twistori

!{border:1px solid black;} (A screen shot of Twistori by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs)!

This past week, my business partner, Amy Hoy and her fianceé, Thomas Fuchs, created something so simple and so damn cool based on the twitter API and some great javascript. It’s called Twistori

They built it and launched it in one day and announced it solely with one post on twitter each.

Check it out. You’ll be hooked.

  1. daily dwayne says:

    that's pretty awesome.

  2. Kenan says:

    I think the point that Alex made, and that this dialog is moinvg away from, is that stories are inspirational. Sure, non-fiction is deep, makes you think, and is important but inspiring stories tell tales using the power of metaphor. They take a meme sequence in one dimension and translate it into another dimension. The effects are profound in that they jolt you into thinking differently not just deeply. They make you come up with the question that has not yet been asked. As an aside: Have you notice that for those who are already steeped in a knowledge domain the best place to start out in a website is the FAQ ?Indeed world hunger has to be solved. Question here is: are social media and mass collaboration capable of doing anything more than raising awareness? How do we filter out the noise? Inspirational ideas start from story telling individuals, get refined in small groups and then start to spread. That is the real source of power.What we see as influential social media is merely the after effect of the individual inspiring the small group.(By the way the Black Swan is an inspiring book)

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