Remaindered Links for 09 May 2008

Slow Down a Little, Save a Lot of Gas | What your parents always told you is true. You can save a lot of money, especially with gas prices going through the roof, by driving at a lower speed. The goal is to keep the RPMs of the engine as low as possible, so cruising in your highest gear at the lowest RPMs. This won’t work for those of you on the mountain, but it’s a good practice to get into anyway.

Ecobeam Systems | An interesting technology for construction that utilizes wood and steel girder-like beams to replace typical stud construction that can be curved, assembled on site, used to span larger distances, and utilize sandbags as bricks. Keeping this on the list for when I build to see how it could help in a passive solar system (thick masonry like wall = thermal stability)

Helvetica Serif | Joey the “Accordion Guy” posted the most brilliant and offensive type joke of the last year. Or call it Arial Serif. Everyone knows they’re the same thing.

Chloe the Labrador Retriever | Daily Puppy would be my downfall if my apartment building allowed for dogs. Instead, I can just say “aww so cute!” about other people’s labradors.

What WMATA Is Really Suggesting | New metro proposal for the system in 2030. I wish this existed today. It would be nice. Check out the map drawn based on the presentation by the guys at Greater Greater Washington.

California: Disappearing is $6Trillion in housing Wealth | At the rate housing prices are falling, the average homeowner will experience a loss of $85,000 in this year alone.

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