Remaindered Links for 16 May 2008

As we’re off to play at the Bitter End in NYC tonight, I present the Friday link collection. Enjoy!

Houdini for Mac OS X | For you visual effects people, SideEffects is finally releasing a new version of Houdini for Mac that will bring it in line with the Windows and Linux versions. Just shows you how far the platform has come in the last ten years.

Foreclosure Filings Hit Record in April | Up 65% from last year, foreclosures are not only hurting families, but municipalities as well as their tax revenue plummets. Without property taxes, cities and towns will have to find new revenue streams, which means new and or different taxes.

Oregon: Our Laws Our Copyrighted And You CAn’t Publish Them | Cory Doctorow rips the state of Oregon on their recent claim that their laws are copyrighted and that they can’t be published outside of the state site. I’d be interested to see this go into court with the whole provision of critique or ridicule being considered fair-use. (via Waldo)

Farmer Outside Boston Preserving Endangered Livestock | A PhD in Pathology and fourth generation farmer, Jennifer Cermak has a small farm in Berlin, outside Boston, and helps maintain populations of endangered livestock species, many of them from the colonial era.

As Food Prices Shoot Up, So Do Backyard Gardens | I’ve got a balcony garden and it’s the same idea. The best way to eat local is to start in your own back yard. Then join a CSA locally. Then buy from local farmers markets. You’d be suprised how little you have to get from the actual grocery store.

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