Remaindered Links for 23 May 2008

1000 Abstract Brushes for Photoshop | These are the things I live on to do a lot of my design work. PaulW put out all these free brushes and they’re pretty cool. Enjoy!

Science vs. Religion | An xkcd style comic of science vs religion commentary.

Orphan Works: A Collosal Mess | The new orphan works proposed revision to the Copyright code is a crappy fix to a problem the copyright office brought upon itself. A nice op-ed piece by Lawrence Lessig.

As Homes Foreclus in US, Squatters Move In | Homeless are taking over empty houses owned by the banks and local authorities are having a headache getting them out and then keeping them out. And the squatters are getting smart about it too, forcing the banks into courts or offering to leave for cash.

People Moving Off Grid | In this case, off the grid means living out of their car. The city of Santa Barbara actually has set up lots where people can sleep in their cards form 7pm until 7am. How long until this starts to look like the 1930s?

$200-a-Barrel Crude Prediction | the NY Times has a article that references a Goldman Sachs analyst who believes that a super-spike could drive oil prices up to $200 a barrel.

  1. Ilies says:

    Opa, com certeza o curso foi bem legal! Espero que tenho te3o bom para os alonus quantos foi pra gente que deu o curso.Que Rails conquiste cada vez mais mercado, que o desenvolvimento web seja cada vez mais produtivo e divertido, que as pessoas parem de usar IE 6 e que venham os prf3ximos cursos! =)

  2. Grace says:

    It appears to me that this website doesnt load in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the exact same problem? I like this blog and dont want to have to miss it whenever Im away from my computer.

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