Political Fun for 02 Oct 2008

Disclaimer: I’m a Virginia Democrat (aka, I have slight libertarian leanings). This is not meant to be fair or balanced in any way, shape, or form. Just what I’m reading and I like this week. Deal.

“Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur” – He who keeps silent is assumed to give consent. So speak up! Here we go, the political fun I’ve read this week:

The Truth About Sarah Palin | Rolling Stone delivers myth vs fact coverage. Worth the read.

Sexist Treatment of Palin Must End | Campbell Brown rips another one apart with this great op-ed. Fits in nicely with the John Stewart video below.

Let’s Play Wall Street Bailout! | A great excerpt from C-SPAN with a Congresswoman mocking the proceedings by calling it a new game to play and going through some excellent snark.

Worst Self-Inflicted Campaign Move Ever | John McCain’s “suspension” was arguably the dumbest thing anyone has ever done. It said “I can only handle one thing at a time,” and came at the time when his poll numbers were falling like meteors.

McCain’s Bizarre Earmark Obsession | Earmarks are such a tiny part of the budget, and yet McCain can’t stop talking about them. Non-issues since he has no talking points on actual issues.

  1. Sarafraz says:

    I saw it.Palin isn't running for peedisrnt, but in a lot of people's minds McCain is old enough to warrant a vice peedisrnt who may literally be a "heartbeat away" from the White House, hence the fuss.When McCain started trotting out the "ordinary Americans" and naming names of people who are struggling I started to wane. It's an old trick that politicians use. The only thing missing was pulling a photo out of his jacket pocket.I don't think, in a race as close as this is that either party would benefit from the circus atmosphere created by naming an oddball vice peedisrnt. Obama took the smarter route and McCain chose to take a chance on being different.I think McCain needed to choose a sharp, younger person (man or woman) who had more experience governing and less experience in beauty pageants and being mayor of a town that is smaller than crowds at Florida Marlin games.

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