Remaindered Links for 03 Oct 2008

Ask Umbra Gets Noticed by the New York Times | My friend, Jennifer Prediger, gets props from the NY Times about her new “Ask Umbra” featurettes on the environmental site, Yay!

Urban Vehicle Camouflage | Someone spent a lot of time to look like a generic fleet vehicle.

What Happened to Muxtape | Sad that the industry couldn’t figure out how to make this work in their favor. Seems they keep stepping on anything that would help them sell music.

Creating a Magical Rainbow Color Flame in Photoshop | Veerle comes through again with an amazing tutorial showing how to create a very nice effect in Photoshop.

And finally, a funny image from Amy Hoy:

  1. Nicole says:

    I disagree Guy. I'd be happy for the ALP to have every one of its mebmers of parliament ejected. That way, in practice, at least some Greens would be elected. That would be progress.I just don't see a difference betwen a majority of 25 and one of 75, except that in the latter case, the heaviest losses would be borne by those most responsible for the current malaise.

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