Scoring for "Eden"

Phil Rossi is a long time friend of mine who I’ve jammed with over the years in his outfit, The Bad Habit. He did a podcast novel last year entitled “Crescent” that did really well and you can still get for free from iTunes. Dark Sci-fi theme.

He’s started a new one, and I’m helping him score it. Eventually, when it’s all done, I’ll collect the pieces and put it out as a record. Here’s a snippet from the first episode that we’re working on right now:

Eden Appears (mp3, 3.6MB)

More to come!

  1. Phil Rossi says:

    Sexy stuff, baby. Hoping we can launch early Jan. :)

  2. Ella says:

    Thomas, There really is only one big area of bike pairnkg, unless you paid extra where you can park inside the track. You just have to remember your bike park relatively to some fixtures like tree or truck in order to find it.

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