Resolving for 2009

So looking back at my list from 2008, there’s some stuff that’s still ongoing, like the Rotoscope record. Oy veh. One day, I swear.

1. Exercize

Check. Started with InfoEther and we go twice a week to a personal trainer. Oh yeah!

2. Be prepared

Not really something to check off, just more of a mindframe shift. Getting there.

3. Clean out the junk in these boxes I haven’t seen in a year

About half of them are done. The rest are in the storage unit. So clean out the storage unit is what this has become.

4. Expand the Balcony garden

Boy did I ever.

Balcony Garden

Going to give it a whirl again this summer with some variations upon the plantings and a bit more cyclical to get it all working right. Also, continuing on canning the stuff (Jalapeño Jelly FTW!)

5. Learn to shoot (yes, a weapon)

Slightly untrue, as I’ve know how to shoot a rifle since I was ten. But I went and took a class from a Secret Service instructor via the NRA here in Northern Virginia and have been enjoying going to the range every once in a while. A fun sport for sure!

6. Relax


Here’s the list for 2009:

  1. Zero the debt (except for college loans)
  2. Finish the Rotoscope record. For serious.
  3. Get in shape and stay that way
  4. Maintain a more positive attitude
  5. Read 2 books a month

I know those are nebulous and wimpy but whatever. I’m just happy I survived the last half of 2008.

  1. daily dwayne says:

    good luck keeping them, i still have to make mine. exercise is on there, but i don't think my Wii Fit and Iron Gym are going to get me where I want to be. Shooting sounds fun too, not a gun nut, but just had a conversation with a buddy about heading to the range and blasting some holes in paper targets...

  2. Pawan says:

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