Virginia Public Safety Memorial

!{border:1px solid black;} (Transverse Section of the design)!

For those of you who didn’t know, I have a Masters in Architecture. I strayed from the path when I worked at RTKL as a 3d animator and designer right after college. I’ve done things here and there, but mainly still focused on the 3d rendering side of things [ Meticulous Portfolio ].

My high school civics teacher contacted me to ask if I would be willing to work with her son, Robert Eccleston, as an “architect” on a design for the Virginia Public Safety Memorial. I was ecstatic to be able to work on something like this again and, over the Christmas holiday, met with Robert in Williamsburg and dove in on the project. He had the maquettes started and we finished the plaza plan that day. From there we got the maquettes scanned into 3d models and I built the rest of the plaza in Maya. Render forth and this is what we had.

We submitted this yesterday and will find out in 3 months if we make the next round. Fingers crossed!

!{border:1px solid black;} (PErspective of the design)!

!{border:1px solid black;} (Plan view of the design)!

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