InfoEther Website Launch

!{border:1px solid black;} (The new InfoEther website design)!

For those of you who don’t know, I started working at InfoEther last fall as their UI/UX/Design guy. One of the floating projects I had been tasked with was the redesign of the InfoEther company site. In light of getting me back into Ruby on Rails, they also decided that I should be the one to code it.

The site is done and up and will probably expand as we have time and new things happen. Now it’s off to work on wireframes for our new product.

You can see the site at

  1. Carlos says:

    hehe.. yeah.. I feel your pain So Rails is getting biettn by the eat-your-dog-food thing.. Rails framework code uses Ruby (I suppose?) and whatever you write in Ruby for your Rails app can clash with the framework code itself? Am I making sense? Maybe this is my ignorance talking. I haven't started working in this arena that much.Anyways, nice to know you are enjoying the new environment. I do keep checking your blog from time to time

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